When you need to get your message out in a big way fast, and do something the competition just can't do, we have the solution.

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The ionRepublic digital bus makes any campaign easier to execute. Since there is no setup time you can attend multiple events in one day while delivering a uniform message with the best possible image profile.

  • Impactful
  • Flexible
  • Memorable
  • Sometimes you need a great advantage over your opponent to win, the digital bus gives you the ability to deliver your best message where television and radio cannot. Giovanni Wolfgang / CEO / ionRepublic
  • I've been in this business twenty years and this is the best outdoor ad medium I've ever seen. It hits all the marks and then goes farther. Brian Haslip / Marketing Executive / Pacific Advertising.
  • Where do I sign up? I want to park it in front of my ex husbands house an give him a piece of my mind, then send it out to do business. Sheryl Anderson / Media Buyer
  • Speech platform.

    icon The open-top double-decker configuration make the bus a natural stage/platform for speeches and performances.
  • Ad campaign delivery.

    icon Still images, motion graphics, web content or video, the digital bus can deliver it to your audience anywhere.
  • Voter registration.

    icon Use the digital bus to create crowds and hold their attention while voter registration efforts are underway.
  • Technology package.

    icon With our live conferencing package a candidate can phisically be in Washington D.C. while campaigning live in Denver Colorado.

Specs Download

Below you can download specsheets and templates to prepare artwork for wrapping the bus and preparing video and still images.

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